If your name rhymes with melon, and have a TV show in the USA, we are a vegan belt company that want to say "hey!"

We have something very important we need you to know, It would be a dream come true, to be on your show.

If you're not Ellen, but support our dream.
Simply click on this link, it's as easy as can be!

And now, a poem….

Hey you, welcome to our site
It’s a little different but that’s alright

Some or our belts are made of PLEATHER
We like to call them GENUINE-NON LEATHER

We love a show where Ellen is the host
We think she will love these belts most

Ellen was on the cover of O-Magazine
Truth Belts on the Ellen Show… know what I mean?

Here’s a link that you can click
Tell Ellen about us, that’s the trick

Welcome to our site cause it’s the bomb
Now you can go to www.TruthBelts.com